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Okay now I have some basic circuits the next thing that I wanted to do was to build the circuit on some strip board and make sure that it would fit inside a small hand held box, the box that I used can be brought from maplin and seemed perfect for the job; it’s big enough to fit the electronics in, has slots so that I can easily mount the PCB that I’ve made and is deep enough so that I can mount the connectors with a wiring loom attached.

The Solenoid Valve that I used can be brought from solenoidvalvesuk, and it was Shako PU220AR, I paid around £30 with VAT. The fittings for the valve can be brough off of eBay for a few pounds and the size of the inlet and outlet fitting will depend on the size of the water drops that you want.

Circuit Parts List

3 x 4N35 Opto-Isolator
1 x Opto-Coupler
3 x 1K2 Resistor
3 x 12K Resistor
1 x 1K Resistor
1 x 10K Resistor
1 x 270 Resistor
1 x 150 Resistor
1 x IRF640 FET
1 x 1N4001 Diode
Hand Held Box
Solenoid Valve
Strip Board
Hook up wire
Arduino Duemilanove/Uno


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