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There aren’t any hard and fast rules about water drop photography and the point of this blog is to give an idea of how I’ve done it. I’m sure that it you went ahead and built you own system that you would do things differently.

One thing that can be left to your own imagination is “The Rig” that will hold the Mariotte Siphon and solenoid valve; of course you don’t really need a rig you could just hang the items off of kitchen cupboards doors ;).

I chose to build a small (or not so small as it turned out) frame out of bits of timber, the sort of frame that I designed was similar to the one that is used in the game “Hangman”, it kind of works okay but like any first revisions….. it could be better, I think that it’s rather big and cumbersome. I will revisit this and come up with something new!!


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